Nicky. Martin.


We. create.capture.conceptualize.

With a rich tapestry of experience spanning over a decade in Marketing, Photography, and Beauty, Nicky stands as a true "Jane of all trades, Master of all." Rooted in a lineage of artists, she has harnessed an extraordinary talent that has garnered a loyal client base, attesting to her exceptional ability to excel in any endeavor.

Having traversed the creative landscape as a client, agency professional, and integral part of set crews, Nicky brings a unique perspective shaped by firsthand experiences from every conceivable angle of the creative process. This holistic understanding allows her to craft your narrative in a way that resonates with authenticity. Leveraging an extensive network cultivated while collaborating with industry titans, Nicky ensures that your story is told with unlimited resources and connections.

Recognizing the evolving landscape of entrepreneurship, Nicky identifies the need for quality products without exorbitant overheads. Embracing the mantra "You get what you pay for," she has implemented an in-house system that maintains fair pricing for both artists and clients while delivering impeccable services and products.

In an era where many new companies struggle with effective branding and lean cost management in their initial years, Nicky steps in with a personalized strategy. Her goal is to create a harmonious and enduring partnership, ensuring both artist and client satisfaction. Specializing in Marketing & Branding, Videography & Photography, and Image Consulting Services.

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Anna. M.

Meet Anna Maatishyn, the Ukrainian powerhouse at the heart of 1029's creative brilliance, seamlessly bridging the realms of copy and visuals to communicate ideas with finesse.

Hailing from Ukraine, her journey is fueled by a fervent passion for bringing beauty into people's lives. Her expertise lies in collaborating with clients, creative teams, and production professionals to craft design solutions that not only captivate but also drive tangible results—elevating web traffic, boosting social media engagement, increasing response rates, and optimizing customer-acquisition outcomes.

With a wealth of experience in delivering eye-catching designs and groundbreaking concepts, She approaches every project with the utmost professionalism. Allow me to take the reins and bring your vision to life, ensuring a seamless and delightful experience, infused with a touch of love.

As an adept authority on collateral, her proficiency extends across a spectrum of mediums, including social media graphics, ads, brochures, campaigns, e-blasts, fliers, newsletters, banners, and more.


Expert on Collateral (Social media graphics, Ads, Brochures, Campaigns, E-blasts, Fliers, Newsletters, Banners, ETC)

Tools I use:
+ Adobe Photoshop
+ Adobe Illustrator
+ Adobe InDesign

Senior Graphic Designer

Winston D.

Winston Dodoo is a native from Accra,Ghana with a professional background in Graphic Design and the current Branding Officer at Npontu Technologies. Winston's journey into graphic design began in 2017, driven by his lifelong passion for the arts. Specializing in 2D illustration, motion graphics, and photography, he is a self-made graphic designer.

Having garnered experience in creating design tutorials on YouTube, Winston ensures that his tutorials are not only informative but also engaging and accessible to a wide audience. He firmly believes in the continuous process of learning and creating designs, always seeking new and innovative approaches to enhance his work. Winston's ultimate goal is to inspire others and make graphic designing effortlessly appealing to those eager to pursue self-directed learning in the field.

Winston is an expert in Logo Creation, Banner Ads, Presentations, Youtube Editing, Branding Materials and Motion Graphics.


Aesthetician & Beauty Partner

Arlene. M.

Meet Arlene Mortley, the visionary behind Arlene Antoinette Skincare & now one of our beauty partners. As a licensed aesthetician hailing from the picturesque St. Andrews in the Blue Mountains of Jamaica, skincare is not just a profession but a lifelong passion deeply rooted in her heritage.

In the vibrant borough of Brooklyn, She's established a sanctuary where high-quality, result-oriented skincare treatments converge with the excellence of the Arlene Antoinette signature line of medical-grade skincare products.

Navigating the unique needs of melanin-rich skin, She is dedicated to educating and revolutionizing the skincare experience for this often-neglected demographic. Recognizing that a one-size-fits-all approach falls short, She brings a personalized touch to every treatment. Her credentials include a license in aesthetics, a Certificate in Medical Esthetics, and a Nail Technician’s license. With expertise in Skin Biology, Advanced Chemical Peels, and continuous training in cutting-edge anti-aging modalities and technologies, She is committed to staying at the forefront of her field.


In addtion to her professional pursuits, she finds immense joy in providing safe, personalized spa treatments to individuals with or recovering from cancer. Holding the esteemed Oncology Trained certification from Oncology Esthetics™ facilitated by Touch for Cancer, She takes pride in bringing smiles to their faces. Join her on a journey where skincare is not just a routine but a celebration of individuality and well-being. Book her services today!

Level 1 Hairstylist & Lash Technician

Jada. T.

Meet Jada, our trailblazing New Yorker who is on a mission to transform dreams into reality as she dives headfirst into the exhilarating world of hairstyling and lash artistry.
Jada’s talent ignited from a very young age, honed trough meticulous practice on herself, friends and family. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, her primary goal is to not just meet but exceed the expectations of her clients, ensuring they not only look but feel breathtakingly beautiful when they walk out of the 1029 Group’s studio.
Driven by an insatiable desire to leave an indelible mark on the industry, Jada is determined to carve her own path to success, armed with boundless creativity, unmatched dedication, and a relentless pursuit of perfection. Get ready to witness Jada's meteoric rise as she takes the world of beauty by storm, one stunning transformation at a time!


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And that is exactly why our creative model works. Beauty, Art and Design goes hand in hand and what's greater than having a unified system that encompasses them all in one Company. We are your one stop shop for all your creative needs with services from Design (Branding, Marketing),Production (Photography, Videography), Image Consulting (Makeup, Hair, Fashion Styling) & Journalism (Blogging)


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